Curriculum Vitae


Johan Wilhelm Toll


Kungsholmsgatan 46
112 27 Stockholm

Date of birth:

28th October, 1974



Phone nr:

+46 - 70 - 367 6464


About me:

Personal description


Carl Anlér, 08-704 5661, Cap Gemini AB, Stockholm, Sweden.
Ph.D. Alf Westelius, 08-717 8401, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden.
Both were mentors for the thesis work.

Work experience


Front Capital Systems AB, Stockholm, Sweden.
Full time work, first two years as developer, mainly C++ . Thereafter project leader for developing new development platforms and integrations towards financial markets.


Cap Gemini AB, Stockholm, Sweden.
Master thesis work. Developed a method for measuring Knowledge Management and also applied it on a division at Cap Gemini AB.


Inno GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany.
Part time work as freelance associate consultant on projects to enhance commercial innovation success in new technology based firms on behalf of policy makers and support initiatives.

Summer 1994

Thorsman & CO, Nyköping, Sweden.
6 weeks blue-collars work at an industry firm.


Nyköp AB, Nyköping, Sweden.
Extra work at weekends and summers, finally fully responsible for the grocery store and personal at weekends.



IT Controller, Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden.
Certified as IT Controller by Linköping Institute of Technology. The certificate courses give a holistic view of information technology as a tool for business development.


Karlsruhe Technische Universität, Germany
Erasmus scholarship for one year MSc studies abroad.


Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden.
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management
Dual profile in Computer Science and Economic Information Systems. Anticipated graduation February 1999.

2nd level:

Gripenskolan, Nyköping, Sweden.
Program for natural science (upper secondary school).

Military Service


Royal Swedish Navy, MKS, Karlskrona, Sweden.
Chief of Boat, 15 months as Chief of Boat in the archipelago of south Sweden. Final rank as petty officer.

Positions of trust


Appointed as head representative for the navy soldiers at the battalion of Karlskrona.


Member of the board in the youth naval school of Södermanland (Sjövärnskåren).

Additional Merits

Own company for IT solutions:

During the final year of my studies in the master program I formed an own company named jwTollSoft. The company has since been part-time active and delivered IT solutions for the University in Linköping and for companies.

The youth naval school:

During four summers in the youth naval school education I was elected as Best Friend and Number One two times. The fourth year was a special leadership education, training us as instructors and leaders for younger navals at the school.

Programming skills:

C++, HTML, Perl, SQL, Java, C and Pascal.

Networking skills:

Windows NT/95, Linux and TCP/IP.


Shipmaster’s certificate, CMAS scuba diving certificate.

Language skills:

Swedish, mother tongue;
English, oral + written fluency;
German, oral fluency;


Scuba diving, Playing the flute, Squash, Mountain biking and Sailing.