Master thesis homesite by:
Emanuel Hjertzén and
Johan Toll

Cap Gemini
Cap Gemini is the largest European IT services and management consulting company and one of the largest in the world. The Group's two units, Cap Gemini and Gemini Consulting, have employees in more than 250 locations around the world and sales of SEK 20 billion in 1996. In the Nordic countries, Cap Gemini has 3,000 employees in some 40 locations, with sales amounting to SEK 2.7 billion in 1996. Since a year back Cap Gemini offers the service called Applied Knowledge Management. This offering helps the company to use its knowledge in a more efficient way and doing things better as well as doing new innovative things.
Cap Gemini Sweden

Economic Information Systems, LiTH
Economic Information Systems is a division at the Department of Computer and Information Science at Linköping University. Their research and courses cover different aspects of economics, organizations and their use of information technology. The divison also certifies students as IT controllers. This certificate ensures that the students are able to handle economic, organizational, as well as technical aspects in the field of information system.
Industrial Engineering and Management, LiTH
With an overall education in mathematics, engineering and management, the study program ensures that the students will have acquired a holistic way of thinking and ability to act as a link between engineers and economists. This combination, engineering and management, is essential for professionals in charge of investment planning, industrial marketing or long-term corporate development. The concluding degree project, that the authors of this thesis make right now, is conducted in close cooperation with Cap Gemini and takes about five months to carry out.
Industrial Engineering and Management
Magazines and Journals
As a complementary to the literature we read (see Literature), we also survey some magazines and journals that we find especially well established in the Knowledge Management field. The magazines and the journals have several authors that have written well known books in the area and the articles give us a fresh inspiration for innovative development.
CIO - Knowledge Management

Information Strategy

Harvard business SP