Master thesis homesite by:
Emanuel Hjertzén and
Johan Toll

This site presents the master thesis project by Emanuel Hjertzén and Johan Toll. The topic is Knowledge Management and, in particular, the development of a measurement model, or tool, for Cap Gemini's internal knowledge management. The thesis is now completed Master thesis

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In the evolving new economy, knowledge will replace capital as the companies most valuable asset. Therefore, knowledge management has evolved the last few years as the latest management trend. As all the trends before it, it has suffered from serious backlashes as well as given promising results. It is rapidly maturing into a valuable complement to other management tools.

Knowledge Management
- the latest management trend.
Appropriate measures has been stated as one of the major problem for knowledge management. Knowledge management inititatives are in place in various parts of Cap Gemini's world wide organization. Since two years back it is on the top management agenda to improve and coordinate these initiatives. You can't manage
what you can't measure.